Tapping Into the Power Within

Greetings Family,

“Tapping Into the Power Within!”

It is ironic that one of the most powerful tools we have as a believer is also the least preached and taught about. You are probably wondering just what is this… the Holy Spirit! You read correctly, the Holy Spirit! Many believers have conceptual ideas about the Holy Spirit. We know what we want to know and what people have taught us that fit into our neat box of Christianity. However, this is DETRIMENTAL! Why? There are so many believers who are living far below their ability and place of authority simply because they have not yet been taught about the Holy Spirit extensively and this ignorance has resulted in living less then the fullness of the salvation we have been granted!

This series—Tapping Into the Power Within--seeks to change this! The Lord has instructed me to preach and teach on the Holy Spirit so that those who hear it will understand and live accordingly.

There is too much at stake! The world, our country, your community, your home, your family, and person is dependent on your living in the FULLNESS of your salvation! The only way you can do this is with the Holy Spirit! All that God has to do in the earth is to be done through us. When we became a believer we also become one of God’s agents in the world. In other words, all believers have a power within them that is greater then any power in the world. It is greater then every economic, political, philosophical, physical, social, intellectual, radical, or demonic power that may exist. So let’s tap into the POWER within! The power that all believers have is the power to make a difference in every realm of life you can imagine, even in you!

The Holy Spirit is vital to our existence as a child of God. Over the next few weeks we will cover topics such as:
Spiritual Warfare
Talking in Tongues
Power for Life
and more!

I pray you enjoy each sermon provides you the opportunity to learn all that you can to begin living your best life now by...

“Tapping Into the Power Within!”

Pastor Semaj