About Us

Our Community

Intentional… Intergenerational… Impactful…Inspirational
These words describe the community we are and the community we continually strive to be.

We are intentional about building the kingdom of God by making Jesus real and His teaching relevant so that people will want to know Him and be like Him.

We minister to the whole family! There are singles, families, couples, and widows. We’re comprised of working folks and retirees. There are children of all ages, many of whom actively serve in our ministries. We’re made up of young adults, ages 20-40, as well as octogenarians and nonagenarians who are simply young at heart. We strive to make sure that our church is the place where the whole family came come and grow.

We strive to be the change we want to see. We are always looking for creative ways to make a difference in the community outside the walls of the church, in addition to the ways we are already making a difference.

Our worship experiences are energetic, exciting, dynamic, and moving as we minister to the heart, mind, and soul. People travel from near and far to join us for a Spirit-filled worship experience sure to have you feeling better then when you arrived.

Our History

It was the year 1885 and the time had come to break away from the First Baptist Church of Asbury Park, NJ (a predominately White church), located on the southwest corner of Main and Bangs Ave. A group of Blacks who had been worshiping at First Baptist decided they wanted their own place of worship. The pastor of First Baptist, Rev. Frank C. Colby, and the officers were duly informed. The pastor, officers, and congregation tendered their blessings and those Blacks of kindred spirit ceased to attend First Baptist and proceeded to organize a mission. The group’s immediate concern was that of a meeting place.

Our Mission is to be a church led by the Spirit of God; proclaiming and teaching to all the word of God; laboring in our community to advance the kingdom of God; living into eternity to the Glory of God.

We Believe

That God is Triune—three Persons, one Being—
God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

That Jesus is the only begotten Son of the Father,
at once fully human and fully divine.

That the Bible is the holy and inspired word of God.

That Jesus lived, died and lives again, and now
mediates for us in the presence of the Father.

That Jesus’ death on Calvary’s Cross
provides divine atonement for Human sin.

That whosoever believes in Jesus Christ shall be saved.

That Jesus is coming back, at a time not known by humanity, for the Church of faithful believers.


Meeting needs & using the spiritual gifts of God’s family! There is room here for you to serve in the kingdom!
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