Seven Last Words of Christ Service

Good Friday, April 7, 2023

A glorious service was experienced by all in person and online! For the very first time, seven lay people brought forth messages that informed, challenged, and blessed the hearers. The awesome line-up of committed believers willing to share what God gave them were Deacon Vice Chair Margaret Fischer Jones, Deacon Shawn N. Good, Deacon Chair Daniel A. Harris III, Trustee Chair Kenneth M. Morgan, Brother Gregory Perry, Sister Muriel Roberson, and Deaconess Dorothy Warren.

Many people were surprised that ordained and licensed ministers were not speaking in this service. Our Interim Pastor, Dr. Gloria White Allen, is a firm believer that our God can speak to anyone, but especially through the saints of God. All of our speakers did their research, studied their respective last words that Jesus Christ uttered on the Cross, swallowed their nervousness, and spoke boldly.

Each of them helped us reflect on Christ’s agony on the Cross. They prompted us to understand that this day wasn’t good for the Lord, but became good for believers. We were able to recognize that the horrific death was not due to sins that Jesus committed, but those sins that people committed. The Creator made the sacrifice of Himself for God’s creation. How loving! How sacrificial! How very much needed!

Too often, folks want to get to the celebration embodied in Resurrection Sunday (Easter). The messages heard on Good Friday touched hearts so that the nails in the Savior’s feet and hands, the crown of thorns digging into his head, and the thirst that Christ experienced were for all of humankind past, present, and future! Glory be to God!!!

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